Happy 1st Birthday to The Rest Is History!

Two factors have contributed to a big increase in my self-confidence over the last few years: quitting drinking, and, well, just the ageing process. The latter, I suspect, is simply to do with the fact that as we become more aware that our time on earth is finite, we stop being quite so bothered about the things that kept us awake in our younger years. Nowadays, I really don’t care (much to my older daughter’s horror!!) if someone sees me in the local shop with my Lycra running gear on coupled with woolly socks and Birkenstocks – seriously, who will even remember by the time they’ve got home that a woman was buying milk in a slightly offbeat outfit?

The other factor, eliminating alcohol from my life, has had a massive impact on my inner being. That decision is more responsible than any other for transforming me from a nervous, self-loathing wreck, to a self-assured and mostly happy person who enjoys the experience of being alive… and (gasp!) who actually likes herself. 

It was one of my big problems with the whole ‘becoming sober’ business, that I knew lots of people would judge a person for that – that a person would suddenly become ‘square’ or ‘weird’ or ‘boring’ in the eyes of some because she or he no longer fancies annihilating their brain in the quest of fitting in, looking cool, relaxing or buoying themselves up with social (fake) confidence. 

So, when I set up The Rest Is History last year (we are 1 year old in December… woo woo, drum roll please!!) I was excited to be working on a brand that would challenge all of this. One that would make people think a bit about what not drinking actually means. One that makes sober people proud to be a non-drinker. 

The slogans on our tops are designed to make you feel good about not drinking – you are TOUGH AF! You are a Sober Warrior! You are part of the Sober Revolution! Please – this is not clothing for people who are hiding away at home, ashamed of their amazingly positive choice to ditch alcohol in favour of a life of clarity, truth seeking and reality. 

We have just introduced a line of pretty jewellery too – bracelets, necklaces and brooches that are not blatantly shouting out about being sober but are designed to make you, the wearer, stay in touch with your choice to be sober.

As we approach our first birthday, I would like to thank from the bottom of my AF heart, all the people who have supported TRIH over the last twelve months (including the fabulous Denise Welch and Soberista Blue Angel below) - you are brilliant sober warriors! 

Lots of love,

Lucy xx