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A frontier is defined as, ‘The extreme limit of settled land beyond which lies wilderness, especially in reference to the western US before Pacific settlement.’ And, ‘The extreme limit of understanding or achievement in a particular area.’ 

I love the word ‘frontier’. It says to me: the great unknown; new territory; making major advancements; breaking the mould; feeling things I’ve never felt before; growing my mind; feeding my soul; enriching my existence on earth. A frontier is where I always want to be heading. A life without frontiers is predictable, dull, too much of the same. 

A big frontier for me was quitting drinking. Before, when I got drunk a lot, there were no frontiers in my life. Everything was coloured the same and expectations were persistently low, for how can you grow your mind and your world when you’re trapped in a repeat cycle of get up, function, do the bare minimum, make it to evening, open the wine, slump, sleep, do it all again? And again. And again. 

Answer: you can’t.  

Life opened up for me when I gave myself the gift of living alcohol-free. Suddenly, it was as if doors were flung open, shutters came up; the roof on my life simply lifted right off, letting the sun stream in. I still find it strange when people ask me if I miss drinking. Miss what? Lying around feeling awful, being sick, ashamed, ill, lazy, weighted down with serious self-loathing and embarrassment? Not looking my best, having no substance, no goals, no true joy?

That first frontier, the one positioned between an alcohol-free world and the old me, was tangible. I felt it a long time before I was living it, before I made it over the boundary line. I could taste it. I believed I was going to be better when I got there. And afterwards, once I’d made it safely over into my new life, I knew that I would always continue to push my own limits. 

You never reach your maximum potential – there’s always more to learn and more to discover about your environment and the person you really are inside. You can always do more, know more, live more, love more, laugh more, and feel more. The secret to doing so is just to keep on walking towards new frontiers.

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